Weight Watchers Points Plus Review

This Weight Watchers Points Plus Review will see what changes took place and if they will make the program better. Weight Watchers is a well-known weight loss program that has been helping people lose weight since 1963. This system was based on the idea of making people track their food intake every day. Most foods are given a point value and these points are used to determine how much you can eat every day. This program puts you in charge and encourages you to plan out your meals, so that you stay under the daily allowance of food intake.

The program received nation-wide success and has many followers. They offer a series of cookbooks to help you plan your meals better and a lot of food products that are available at your local grocery store. The system has worked for them for many years; primarily remaining in the same original format. Recently, the program did a complete overhaul of their point system and devised a whole new system called the Weight Watcher Points Plus.

SO what’s new?

The old system focused on calories, fiber grams and fat grams to calculate their point systems. After evaluating the new system, a Weight Watchers Points Plus review shows that they now focuses on protein, carbohydrates, fiber grams and fat grams to calculate the points. Another change that was made is that the daily amount of points allowed has increased.

Online Profile:
This Weight Watchers Points Plus review shows that new to this system is the interactive website that offers their participants many different ways to track their success. After setting up your profile online, a personalize weight loss plan is designed for you based on your particular height and weight. Understanding the different weight loss dynamics between women and men, they have set up a separate website for each of them.

Tracking System:
Knowing the importance of accountability, the program has developed a tracking system on their website that will keep count of your points. This Weight Watchers Points Plus review reveals that all you need to do is go online and input the foods you have eaten for the day and the site will automatically calculate your total points for the day. The site also gives a complete list of foods and what there point’s value is. This gives you easy access throughout the day. Even when you are on the go or out to eat, you can easily check your points total on your cell phone to determine the best foods to select. Using the mobile-on-the-go feature also give you access at your fingertip to record every food you eat.

Weight Watchers has been around for almost fifty years and has seen some success in helping people lose weight. The need to revamp their entire program does show signs that perhaps this program was not showing the ability to keep participants maintaining the weight loss on the long-term scale as that they promise. A complete Weight Watchers Points Plus review shows that the program does show some great improvement from their older version.