The Perfect Pointe Review

The Perfect Pointe Book by Lisa Howell covers all your child needs to know to practice pointe safely having an optimum performance. The book and video classes teach dancers how to have a good progression before starting en pointe and how to improve your control if already onto pointe or another type of dance.

The book and 4 DVDs cover four stages of exercises with photos, detailed descriptions and videos of the exercises, being crucial to provide better range of motion and strength. Each stage contains exercises to test where your child is at. The first CD aims the increase of flexibility of the ankles. The second CD covers how prepare correctly all the small muscles in the feet to be able to start en pointe. The 3rd CD talks about the turnout muscles how to strength them. The last CD contains core control and balance training exercises. If your child learns everything before going en pointe she will have an amazing faster progress and her teacher will be amazed.

I know you as parent want to support your respective young dancer in the best possible way but sometimes it’s just not possible due lack of knowledge or time. You probably know that your children taking ballet classes with a good teacher is a crucial factor but what you may not know is that most of dance teachers are often busy to answer all parents and kids questions. Do your child is getting an excellent nutrition to dance at the maximum potential? Is she taking the right actions in order to prevent injuries?

The free parent’s manual covers all important topics. A few examples are nutrition, injuries prevention, dealing with physical injury, anxiety before presentations, dealing with a suspected eating disorder and when the right time to progress onto pointe. Made for parents to help understand the demands and to give the necessary guidance to their children.