Pressure Points Review

Massage is a great way to feel better after a tough run, but sometimes there’s nobody available to give you one. That’s where the Ball Dynamics Pressure Points claim to come in, which are a couple of hard rubber balls that are used to put pressure on various parts of your body for self-massage.

The claim is that there are 20 points on the body that are the most sensitive and conducive to acupressure. These points were chosen by acupuncturist and program creator Marc Coseo. Along with the two balls, the package comes with a poster to help you find the 20 different points and a DVD that leads you through finding each point within about a 30 minute timespan.

The packaging for the product recommends that you use the Pressure Points system to warm up muscles before athletic activity and to help relieve muscle soreness or back and neck pain.  When I first got the balls, I tried locating a few of the different pressure points and tested the product a little bit based on what was similar to things that I have done before, and I did not have a lot of trouble finding the points they referenced in the DVD or applying the pressure as described. I liked how it felt and it worked out well compared to what I’d already done on my own.

Then I tried going through the entire DVD and trying to locate every point that they suggest you use the acupressure on. I had some trouble finding most of the points referenced that I hadn’t discovered on my own, and when I did manage to find some of them I was a bit  too uncomfortable to make full use of the system.

The DVD does a good job of describing how to find the different points, but they do not give you very much time to get yourself situated and to use the system. By the time that you find a point and actually get the ball placed correctly, the woman on the DVD is halfway through her time using that point and moved on to locating the next point before you are ready. If you decide to follow the DVD step by step, then you are going to want to keep a remote handy so that you can pause it regularly.

If you would like to find the introduction to the product, be sure to choose “Play All” on the DVD menu. We originally went straight to the specific points that we wanted to use, which dove directly into the first point on that list. No matter where you start the DVD, it will progress through the entire thing, so if you want to go straight into the pressure points then you can start on the Pressure Points 1-5 option. When we did try the “Play All” selection, we were able to see the introduction and the description of how the process is supposed to work and what it is supposed to do.

When you are watching the DVD, try to ignore the expression on the woman’s face who is demonstrating everything. She doesn’t look quite as uncomfortable as my wife did at times while she was following the program, but the woman doesn’t look at all happy to be using the balls.

The woman demonstrating everything was young, but everything else about the DVD seemed to ignore the folks that might want to use this system to recover or prepare for a workout. The DVD seems to concentrate on using the balls to improve problems with rehabilitation or to offset the aging process since all of the testimonials that are sprinkled throughout the DVD are from folks that are at or near retirement. The video was very obviously filmed in the late 1980s and just copied from VHS to DVD rather than being updated to fit in a little better with the times.

In the end, I think that the balls are a great way to loosen tight muscles, but the DVD is only helpful the first time or two you want to try to figure things out and is in need of being updated.