One Stage Beyond FAP Turbo – 5-Point Reviews on FAP Turbo Evolution

The FAP Turbo is a currency trading software that offers traders a variety of settings in the automated mode. At the same time the robot has been engineered with the default settings. Since the software has hugh remarkable potentials, and gaining some worthy professional remarks, it may be worth investigating the updated Evolution edition of the software with a list of reminders:

1. The evolution edition does not operate on the Metatrader4 platform, but solely on the Swiss Dukascopy trading platform, it is a popular platform known for its swift execution and tight spreads. The new software also focuses trades in the USD/CAD, EUR/GBP and EUR/CHF pairs.

2. If you want to open an account with the Swiss Dukascopy platform, the minimum fee is $50,000, but it only takes $10,000 for the users of FAP Turbo Evolution, since this special discounts is only valid for a period of time, that is why only 2000 pieces of FAP Turbo Evolution will be released at the very beginning. In addition, the price for the Evolution software itself (excluding the platform) is $599.

3. The scalping robot highlights realistic, small accumulative profits obtained consistently every day. It is the smallness of gain that increases to greatness of profits. For those who want to gain one-time big, this machine is not for you.

4. The software is supported by a sixty day money-back guarantee, any unsatisfied customers can have the money return. Also the future updates of the software are included in users’ payment.

5. The new automated system is an independent product, Swiss Dukascopy brokerage is not related to the software company itself, and so they are not responsible for the installation or use of the FAP turbo evolution.

For those who have known the initial product really well, and appreciate the effectiveness of the machine, are very eager to purchase this new product. However, the first batch of FAP Turbo Evolution was sold out within a day. For those who are interested in getting one, they have to wait until the second batch comes out, for details you may consider visiting the new product’s website and put your name on the waiting list.