My Lead System Pro Review – Top 10 Impressions of a Newbie

I have been a member of the attraction marketing system My Lead System Pro (MLSP) for four months. I had a home business for two years before coming into MLSP, using conventional methods: a list of 100 people, prospect my warm market (friends and family), corporate website, business cards and flyers, home parties, conference calls, meetings, pitch everyone.

To be fair, I was sidetracked by family tragedy which left me poorly suited to empire building. But I did keep at it best as I could, because I really believed in my company and the promise of financial freedom. But after failing to make substantial progress, and still worn down by grief, I was near to giving up.

Last January here in Romania was a gray and sunless time, and I was feeling dreary and defeated. On all fronts I was as bleak as the skies, and I started plans to withdraw from my company and call it a loss. I believed that because of my life situation, I just was not suited to build a business or success. My great moment had come and gone.

But then I got an email, the headline of which jumped up and shouted, “Struggling In MLM?” Yes indeedy I was! A tiny spark of hope flamed bright….this had my attention! Inside I read, “Learn How The Top Producers Make $10K+ Every Single Month!” Wow! Would someone really teach me to have success like Mike Dillard?

I took the plunge and clicked on the link, which generated a steady series of emails jammed with new information I instantly recognized I desperately needed. After two weeks of digesting these emails, I knew I had struck gold, and I signed on to MLSP. I haven’t been sorry for one second!

Here is my 10 point review of My Lead System Pro after my first four months:

Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer, MLSP’s founders, all started where I was. They built success from the ground up and know exactly what newbies face, don’t know, and what training is needed to get out the gate.


  1. Genius “Getting Started Section” – walks you though your system setup. Complete and thorough – I was up in one day!
  2. Weekly webinars featuring top earners who freely share their strategies; available the next day as recordings.
  3. Skype Mastermind Group – international, 24/7 discussion of strategies, training, troubleshooting and connecting with MLSP members. No pitching allowed- strictly for MLSP issues. Friendly helpful camaraderie. This matures us rapidly.
  4. Video training, and recorded webinars library – hundreds of hours, by top earners, who freely share strategies, available 24/7. Also live weekly webinars.
  5. Autroresponder emails for your leads – 26 emails for your prospects, linked to MLSP trainings, like “Free Leads From Facebook.” Offer real value to your prospects for free!
  6. Morning Wake Up Call – 10 minutes with a leader to start your day positively.
  7. International – I work with people worldwide – USA, Australia, Taiwan, England, Canada, Argentina, and more.
  8. Affiliates -Magnetic Sponsoring, Host Gator, AWeber, Go Daddy, Viral URL, Traffic Geyser and more -earn commissions when your leads make purchases.
  9. Personal Development – No longer the hesitant, confused person who signed up, I now have a fresh mindset from applying the training, and experiencing the compassion, care and genuine wishes for my success. I have moved beyond hope into certainty and confidence.

MLSP has an integrity we rarely encounter. They tell you right off that this is real work, requires time and persistence, but they point you to the success of those who diligently implemented the instructions. These four months have led me to be totally jazzed to be in MLSP. If you are looking for the real deal, this is it!