Juwel Rio 240 – 7 Point Product Review

One of the most popular aquariums available today. The Rio 240 is a classic design but with some clever additions.

Here is our 7 point review -Juwel Rio 240

Appearance –
The Rio 240 is a nice size and the lighting makes the tank come alive. Could easily be a centre point in a room but will always be a great gallery for your fish.

Size –
With 240 litres this tank can take a small community of fish. If you want a tank which can handle some tetras, a few medium sized fish and some plants then this could be the perfect tank for you.

Some aquariums are made from PVC while others are made from glass. Some people prefer PVC while some prefer glass. The drawback with PVC is that the tank will get scratches on it. You can buff out the scratches if they get too bad. The advantages are that the PVC is stronger and that the view is less likely to be distorted.

Accessories –
The Juwel Rio 240 is slightly lacking when it comes to the filter and heater that come included. While these are perfectly good for a smaller aquarium like the Rio 180. The 200 watt heater and Bioflow 3.0 compact filter are just not strong enough to use the aquarium to the full capacity. This means that if you want to get the most out of your aquarium you will have to replace these with other products.

Lighting –
What the Juwel Rio 240 loses in filter and heater power it gains in lighting. There is a real step up here in power from the Rio 180 as you get two 54 watt bulbs which really make your tank glow. Unless you have a demanding system you probably won’t have to replace these bulbs.

Cabinet –
As with most quality fish tanks you can purchase a matching cabinet for the Juwel Rio 240. As always we recommend that you purchase the matching cabinet as the tank – when full – can weigh too much for many normal home furniture. Your dining room table may look steady but unless it can take the weight of two people standing on it this tank will be too heavy.

Unsung Genius –
The Juwel Rio 240 comes with a suspended base which may seem to be an insignificant feature but could stop your aquarium straining and ultimately leaking.