How Do I Improve a Performance Review?

Every job, no matter how perfect it is has some demanding times and not just in the sense of a person’s performance. Performance reviews are a veritable part of any job and they have to be dealt with an open and positive attitude.

These reviews are a part of the company’s strategy to improve the quality of the performance of their employees and the main objective is to let the employees know that they are appreciated for their positive qualities and it is also a good way of letting them be aware of their negative qualities so that they can work on them and make a difference in their performances.

This objective should be clear to both the employee and the reviewer because if any one of them does not take the performance review tips to be what it is meant to be, they can venture serious work place social hazard and that can be a breach of the employee – company relationship and trust.

A review should basically evaluate the performance of the employee over a set period of time and they should be able to point out clearly the problem areas of the employee’s performance.

The reviewers or the employers should then go over the review with the employee and they should make sure that they objectively and not negatively elucidate all the points to the employee. Now, the employee should keep an open mind about this and should not lose their temper or behave improperly because the review is actually for their good.

They should try to understand the review’s points and if they do not agree on some point they should take the problem to their HR professionals and go over the review with them again.

In case they find the review to be too negative and they need to objectify these negatives with a balance, they should actually, politely ask the employee or the reviewer to also mention their strong points so that they can be motivated and they can keep a proper perspective.

The performance review should actually be positively used by the employees. Most companies give a copy of their performance reviews to the employee after their meeting with them. In this case, the employees should go over the review themselves and try to make sure that the negative points should be worked upon and that should come in the notice of the employees and the reviewers too.

This is also the chance for the employees to use the review to realise whether the job actually suits them or not. There can be some people who would feel that the job is already not meeting the conditions required for them to be charged enough to provide a good service and they should go over their review to make sure that the job is up to their ideals or not.

Also, they should use the review to make sure that they still eradicate their negative points and work on building their strengths and positive points. In case the review is demeaning to the employee in any way, they can report to their superiors or even sue the company or the reviewer too.